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Festival Details

Click the link below for all details pertaining to this year's Unity Day Festival. Are you a Vendor? Sponsor? Volunteer? Click the link below for what you need to know for Huntington Awareness. 

Alvin White

Huntington Union Free School District

Director of Facilities

Huntington Station Resident

Community Engagement, Leadership, Education, Social Services, Management

All Aboard for the Unity Festival

The Organizers

A group of local folks who meet monthly and even weekly to make Huntington Awareness Day a reality. A great big THANK YOU to our officers and committee members! 

Our Goal

Our goal is to raise awareness and inspire togetherness and solidarity throughout the community. The Unity Festival and Week of Multinational Culture that follows was created to bring us all together and celebrate our neighbors, families and local businesses.  

Founders: Dee & Al 

In the mid to late 1950's the Federal Government launched their infamous "Urban Renewal" plan which demolished, devastated and destroyed hundreds of flourishing cities and towns around the U.S. The chaotic plan flattened nearly one third of Boston, America's oldest city, and reduced the original Huntington Station (known then as 'Old Town') from a thriving, well integrated downtown center to a parking lot. 

Our vision for Unity Day is to unite our community, to raise awareness for necessary revitalization and to reclaim and rebuild Huntington Station together. 

Our Vision

 Unity Photo Gallery

Click the link below to check out all of the pics from September 10th, 2016!   

Dolores Thompson

Huntington Station Enrichment Center


Service: Chairperson of Dolan Family Health Center, Huntington Hospital Trustee, Executive Vice President: Huntington Station Business Improvement District (BID), Board of Directors: Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce, Former President of NAACP Huntington Branch 1993-2013

1264 New York Avenue, Huntington Station, NY, United States       +1.6314700636